Cognitive Medical Systems, the emerging specialist in standard-based, advanced concept software solutions for healthcare organizations, announced today that Rick Pope has joined the company as its Chief Operations Officer.

The move reunites Pope with Douglas W. Burke, former CEO of DefenseWeb Technologies and now President of Cognitive Medical Systems.

“Together, we built DefenseWeb from a company that was bleeding cash and profits to one that had a 92 percent cumulative annual revenue growth rate in four short years,” said Burke. “We see an even greater opportunity with Cognitive Medical Systems; in part because of its broad range of services and understanding of the need to generate standards-based software solutions within the healthcare market. We’re excited for both the market opportunity and the solutions we’ll develop to address it!”

Pope was COO of DefenseWeb Technologies from 2004 until earlier this year, and was a key architect in the company’s growth from less than 14 employees to more than 160 today. Prior to that, he was COO and Senior Vice President of Vivendi Universal Net USA Technology (, a well known technology start up that, at its peak, delivered more than four million MP3 formatted audio files per day to more than 800,000 unique visitors on a customer base of 25 million registered users.

“We’re starting to see the formation of real and usable technology standards reinforced by strong legislation and incentives within the healthcare industry,” said Mary Lacroix, Founder and CEO of Cognitive Medical Systems. “This means that technology firms will have to adapt quickly to ensure that systems not only meet these new mandates, but ensure that doing so improves the exchange of vital information in such as way as to elevate the decision-making capabilities of healthcare providers. We intend to be at the front of this issue, thanks in large part of the seasoned leadership of Rick and Doug.”

”I’m very excited about joining the Cognitive Medical Systems team and working again with Doug,” said Pope. “Advancing healthcare information system offerings will be key as the nation moves to improve healthcare and Cognitive is well positioned to provide these solutions.”