Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Health Agency (DHA) Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP) Data Support Contract

Executive Summary

USFHP is an additional health care program under the DHA’s TRICARE Prime option. Cognitive Medical Systems was contracted by the prime contractor, Favor TechConsulting (FTC) to take over an existing legacy IT solution, migrate it into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud, and provide support, maintenance, and modernization services.


The legacy system was brittle, error prone, inaccessible, and poorly documented. A number of manual processes were, in effect, running on weekly, monthly, and quarterly schedules that were time consuming and error prone.

How We Helped

Cognitive’s approach focused on addressing FTC’s two main challenges. First, we migrated the customer web portal over to Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) instances with a front-end load balancer to provide better uptime metrics and allow for code deployments with no downtime to the customer.

Next, we transitioned the manual processes into an AWS EC2 instance and automated them using the AWS Step Function, Lambdas, and application programming interface (API) Gateway services. As a result, manual processes that previously took hours to complete can now be completed with the click of a button.

Finally, Cognitive capitalized on AWS’ continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities to provide an automated build, test, and deploy environment that greatly improved code quality and simplified our release management process.


Cognitive Medical Systems’ successful migration into the AWS GovCloud resulted in improved reliability, maintainability, and accessibility and significantly lowered operational costs by approximately 40%. The transition was completed on-budget and on-schedule with no downtime to the customer. Additionally, Cognitive was able to utilize AWS services and features to provide enhancements to our software development process and delivery schedules.

Cognitive is committed to going beyond contractual requirements to provide excellent customer support at all levels of the organization. As an expert in the AWS GovCloud hosting space, Cognitive continues to support FTC with its existing Federal programs and will continue to support future opportunities.

The US Family Health Plans are among the health care choices for more than 150,000 eligible beneficiaries under the DOD’s TRICARE Prime program, which provides health care to active duty family members, activated National Guard and Reserve family members, and retirees and their family members.

USFHP is available through six large, non-profit, regional civilian health care networks of primary care physicians, hospitals, and affiliated specialists.

Patients choose a primary care physician who provides and coordinates care and referrals to specialists and hospitals.