Prenatal Quality Collaboration of North Carolina (PQCNC) Quality Improvement (QI) Application for the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Medicine, Chapel Hill

Executive Summary

Cognitive Medical Systems developed an application for Apple iOS, Android, and a web-based system administration site to support the PQCNC program for the UNC School of Medicine, Chapel Hill. The application was developed to address two use cases: human milk consumption and neonatal catheter-associated bloodstream infections (NCABSI) for newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The application provided alert and data collection functionality based on customizable logic to support QI best practices for the two use cases, as well as a scalable data warehouse to support reporting and analytics needs.


The biggest challenges the Cognitive team faced was integrating an additional handheld device into the workflow of NICU healthcare providers and a limited product development budget.

How We Helped

The Cognitive team leveraged the Agile software development life cycle to prioritize the most critical features and support continuous product feedback on iterative development releases. We augmented our team of senior software developers with software developer interns to maximize the budget. One of Cognitive’s cofounders and CEO, Emory Fry, a retired Navy neonatologist, participated on the development team to provide product guidance and feedback. The Cognitive team completed and delivered the QI system to support the ongoing QI initiatives at UNC, Chapel Hill.


The QI application for the PQCNC program at the UNC School of Medicine at Chapel Hill was an early implementation of clinical decision support (CDS) technology designed to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare, which is the mission driving Cognitive Medical Systems. The development teams at Cognitive have gone on to develop additional CDS products and applications, and Cognitive has spun its Products division into its own subsidiary called Saperi Systems. To learn more, visit our partner website at