Cognitive Medical Systems, a specialist in standards-based Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software and healthcare IT infrastructure, announced today that its CORA platform can be used with Dräger’s Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS), Innovian Anesthesia, to utilize CDS capabilities.

Cognitive’s CORA, a CDS platform that works with existing IT infrastructure to perform clinical analysis, will function with Innovian Anesthesia to perform real-time, case-specific assessments of anesthesia quality measure eligibility and adherence.

“We began working with Dräger in 2016 to explore how CORA could provide CDS capabilities with Innovian Anesthesia. After performing several focus groups, we found many anesthesia providers wanted CDS to help them manage quality measures intraoperatively,” said Dr. Rocky Reston, anesthesiologist and chief medical information officer of Cognitive Medical Systems. “This is a great example of how CDS can help to reduce administrative overhead by leveraging IT resources already in place. While most of the information required for quality measure tracking is already in Innovian Anesthesia, with the addition of CORA platform to Innovian, the data is aggregated, distilled, and can be tailored to a specific case so the providers can more easily understand what is left to be documented.”

CORA’s quality measure algorithms automatically identify measure eligibility for a case in real-time, providing case-specific guidance on any remaining gaps in documentation needed to meet each quality measure. This offloads the administrative overhead for the provider and frees them up to focus on providing care. The CORA platform offers Innovian Anesthesia customers eight Merit-based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS) quality measures to choose from:

  • MIPS 48: Preoperative Beta Blockers
  • MIPS 76: Prevention of CVC – Related Bloodstream Infections
  • MIPS 404: Smoking Abstinence
  • MIPS 424: Perioperative Temperature Management
  • MIPS 426: Transfer of Care Checklist: PACU
  • MIPS 427: Transfer of Care Checklist: ICU
  • MIPS 430: PONV Adults
  • MIPS 463: PONV Pediatrics

Additionally, the CORA platform is designed to have a clear separation between clinical algorithms and the IT systems that power them. This abstraction layer allows the quality measures algorithms to evolve as MIPS measures change each year. It also supports broad adoption of the same algorithms by all Innovian Anesthesia customers, independent of any customizations in their installs.

“The anesthesia provider’s main priority should be the patient, and not clinical documentation,” said Rick Sullivan, vice president of Government Sales at Dräger, Inc. “Quality measures are a tremendous pain point for our customers because they change every year, increasing their administrative burden. The use of the CORA platform with our Innovian solution automates the quality measure capture workflow, streamlining the process, helping to improve accuracy, and allowing the anesthesia provider to focus his/her efforts on the patient.”

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Cognitive Medical Systems is a fast-growing company helping public and private organizations make the most of clinical decision support tools. They draw from decades of operational experience in health delivery, informatics, and enterprise software development, specializing in complex infrastructure, workflows and CDS systems integrations.

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