Cognitive Medical Systems, a specialist in standards-based Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software and healthcare IT infrastructure, will be demonstrating the latest application powered by their CORA CDS platform, the Anesthesia Quality Measure Checklist application, at the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) conference in Boston Oct. 21-25.

“We’re very excited to demonstrate how CORA can reduce the overhead related to quality measure tracking, both from a clinical and administrative perspective,” said Shannon O’Brien, Director of Product Development at Cognitive Medicine. “For Anesthesia providers, CORA reduces the time spent during a case piecing together disparate information for the sole purpose of quality measure reporting. On the administrative side, CORA reduces the instances of missing documentation, something that can slow down billing and quality measure reporting. It’s a win-win for everyone”

The CORA platform, a CDS platform that integrates with existing EMRs to perform real-time clinical analysis, will integrate with Draeger’s Innovian Anesthesia recording system to perform case-specific assessments of quality measure eligibility and adherence. While clinicians use Innovian in their normal workflow, CORA is running in the background, continuously evaluating which quality measures apply to the case and what information needs to be captured to meet those quality measures. Clinicians can access the Quality Measure Checklist desktop applet to see how they’re tracking and what remains to be done.

“It’s one thing for software to tell that you’ve missed a quality measure, it’s another for it to prevent you from missing it in the first place,” said Dr. Rocky Reston, Anesthesiologist and Chief Medical Information Officer at Cognitive Medical Systems. “Using the CORA Desktop Applet installed side-by-side with the Innovian OR workstation, clinicians can catch documentation omissions in real-time rather than having to go back later to fix it, possibly causing a delay in billing.”

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