Clinical decision support technology provider to provide product development, custom software integration services to DoD and VA

SAN DIEGO – October 18, 2012 – Cognitive Medical Systems, an emerging specialist in standards-based, clinical decision support software solutions for healthcare organizations, announced that it was awarded nearly $3.5 million in subcontract work on three newly awarded contracts.

The company will provide a mix of custom as well as product software development and integration services to both the US Departments of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs.

“We’re excited and thrilled for the trust and confidence we’ve been given by these awards,” said Mary R. Lacroix, CEO of Cognitive Medical Systems. “We’ve got a stellar technology team who are committed to enabling healthcare organizations to reduce costs, ensure quality care and improve patient outcomes. This can be done by creating coordinated, workflow-centric environments that better support the cognitive processes required of all participants. We look forward to exceeding expectations in this area on these projects.”

Some of the prime contractors that awarded Cognitive Medical Systems the work are Hawaii Resources Group and Adams Communications and Engineering.  The Company is excited to work with these new partners and looks forward to long and profitable partnerships with each.