Cognitive Medical Systems, a specialist in standards-based clinical decision support software and healthcare IT infrastructure, announced today it has renamed its clinical decision support product CORA (Clinical Optimization Reasoning Architecture). Formerly named NeoCare during early development, CORA was renamed to better reflect the platform’s function and wide application.

“While CORA was born out of the neonatal intensive unit, its real-time data aggregation and analytics capabilities are suited to the entire hospital,” said Cognitive Medical Systems President and Cofounder Douglas W. Burke.

CORA will be piloted throughout 2016 and be licensed to the general market in 2017. If you are interested in piloting CORA at your site, please contact us at

About Cognitive Medical Systems, Inc.

Cognitive Medical Systems is a fast growing company helping public and private organizations make the most of clinical decision support tools. They come to us because we’re able to draw from decades of operational experience in on-the-ground health delivery, informatics, and enterprise software. And we combine that with technical prowess in complex infrastructure, workflows and CDS systems integrations.