– National Perinatal Information Center recognized national leader in information, research in medical field – 

SAN DIEGO – January 17, 2013 – Cognitive Medical Systems, a specialist in standards-based, clinical decision support software solutions for healthcare organizations, announced that its Chief Medical Informatics Officer has joined the National Perinatal Information Center’s (NPIC) Board of Directors.

Dr. Emory Fry will be contributing his expertise toward the nonprofit’s mission of improving perinatal health through comparative data analysis, program evaluation, health services research and professional continuing education.

“I’m proud to be a part of NPIC and represent Cognitive Medical Systems. Both organizations have a steadfast dedication to improving quality of care and clinical decision making for health providers, payers and patients,” said Fry. “It’s a way for us as a company to contribute to the perinatal community as an emerging leader in standards-based clinical decision support solutions. As a neonatologist, I’m excited to be participating in this way.”

National Perinatal Information Center/Quality Analytic Services (NPIC/QAS) began in 1985 with a charter membership of major perinatal centers across the United States. The organization’s Board of Directors includes prominent clinicians, administrators, researchers and representatives from national organizations. Similarly, its staff is comprised of a professional research and information team capable of responding to a variety of analytic, evaluative, research, policy and strategic planning questions.

NPIC/QAS performs analysis on the cost, management and outcome of perinatal services, evaluates health services programs, analyzes major policy issues in reproductive and family health care and provides comparative reports to member hospitals. The organization conducted one of the first definitive surveys of perinatal centers across the country that later became the baseline against which future growth of regional centers would be measured.

More information on NPIC/QAS is available at www.npic.org.