Small Business Innovative Research funds to help develop adaptive hybrid intelligence systems to enhance healthcare clinical information systems –

SAN DIEGO – June 12, 2012 – Cognitive Medical Systems, the emerging specialist in standards-based, clinical decision support software solutions for healthcare organizations, announced today the receipt of a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Supported under the federal government’s Small Business Innovation Research program, the funds will help further develop what the company calls “adaptive hybrid intelligence systems” to enhance healthcare clinical decision support platforms.

“Whether it is managing the physical health of a patient, monitoring for fraud in healthcare claims data, or predicting the occurrence of post traumatic stress disorder in soldiers, predictive modeling and analytics are playing a greater role in the everyday lives of human beings,” said Mary R. Lacroix, CEO of Cognitive Medical Systems. “As this technology is applied to more complex problems in the real world, the models themselves must sometimes adapt in real-time to account for changing environments and changing assumptions. This research project will allow us to further our development of a healthcare-centric adaptive hybrid intelligent system framework.”

For the research, the company will utilize a closed-loop mechanical ventilator management system as a tool to analyze clinical data from a simulated patient. If successful, Cognitive Medical Systems believes that the opportunity to commercialize the technology has significant potential. The U.S. spent roughly $11 billion on healthcare IT in 2008, and that number is predicted to grow to $100 billion by 2015, according to May 2011 marketing analysis conducted by RNCOS Industry Research Solutions.

“Our goal is to develop effective, workflow-centric infrastructure components that are critical for ensuring medical devices, software applications and information services synergistically sustain safe, effective care,” said Douglas W. Burke, President of Cognitive Medical Systems. “We believe adaptive management of reasoning and workflow technologies is essential for delivering a comprehensive clinical decision support framework for a broad range of patient safety and quality care initiatives.”

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